Moonzy will show you that learning is fun! Study while playing with the characters of the famous cartoon! Six topics to study!
Moonzy: Games for Kids is a developmental game that helps a child learn 6 different topics. For instance, when the kid chooses to study Sea Creatures, Moonzy will help him discover the secrets of the underwater world: introduce the kid to sea inhabitants, tell him or her what sounds they make and what they eat. Musical Instruments can help the kid feel like a real musician and find out how the guitar, drums and even maraca sound.

Next, young players are expected to consolidate their newly acquired knowledge. Kids will need to complete several minigames to remember the things they have learned better.
Every topic includes minigames to consolidate knowledge:
- Guessing an object by its outline;
- Hearing the sound and telling who or what makes it;
- Putting objects in the pictures in their places.

Our educative game, Moonzy: Games for Kids, is designed specifically for kids, with their parents being able to get their kids to learn and play at any time! The app's simple interface is suitable for the youngest players! Kids will remember useful information in a playful way and day by day will learn more about the world around us!
Learn and play with Moonzy!
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