Fun learning with the Blue Tractor! Get to know everything about the world around us while playing!
The Blue Tractor's here to teach! There's no kid that he can't reach!

Kids will study, kids will learn 'cause the Tractor knows it all!
Together with the main character, your kid will complete all the steps from introduction to the topic to making logical links between the object, its shape and meaning! Funny play-centered tasks will help to practiсe what has been learned!

Why begin your journey around the world with the Blue Tractor:
- 7 educational topics;
- over 200 objects to study;
- the game adapts to each kid's needs;
- trains attention, logic, and memory;
- develops dexterity;
- play-centered tasks;
- suitable for kids below 3!

Most importantly, your kid will learn things happily!

We are sure the learning with the Blue Tractor will help your kid to make the first steps towards knowing it all about the surrounding world!
Our game has all the necessary tools for fun learning!
Game tips will help the smallest users to study independently day by day.
Download the game, and let's explore the world together!
Download Blue Tractor: Funny Learning on App Store and Google Play
Any questions? Contact us!
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