Help Moonzy and his friends make a real Carnival! But beware of Woopsie and Poopsie, don't let them ruin your festival!
Moonzy is having a real costume party! All his friends are invited, and so are you! You can pick the fanciest costumes and even masks - this is going to be just great!

But hurry, on your way you're going to...
Fix bridges!
Sail boats!
Ride frogs!
And many other things!


Also, you're going to play fascinating minigames:
- "Sort the berries" - sort berries by baskets, and be careful not to pick garbage!
- "Bake the cake" - make the most delicious cake and treat all your friends to it!
- "Find the beetles" - help to find baby beetles and get them back to their parents!
- "Make decorations" - link the stars to see what decoration you have got!
- "Blow up the balloons" - give everyone a balloon of the right color!
- "Decorate the meadow" - hang all the decorations for the carnival. Looks gorgeous, doesn't it?

Everything seems to be ready, wait a minute, though... Woopsie and Poopsie want to ruin the festival! Let's see if they have stolen anything! We will have to get all the things back to their places!
Don't forget to pick your reward for a job done! And win amazing carnival costumes for Moonzy and his friends!
We know you're going to like this game! Come and get it!
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