The game based on the full-length animated film! Defeat Crabots in the competitions!
An official game based on the cartoon has been released for the fans to help Fixies defeat Crabots playing the game on their phones and tablets. Just like the original animation film, Fixies vs Crabots game depicts the Fixies stand-off against the elusive creatures spying on them and threatening to reveal Fixies' secret.
Become the hero of the full-length animated film and find out! Exciting adventures and 8 competitions in which you'll fight Crabots await you in the game!

The game is essentially a set of minigames, also it is possible to collect the models to be made in a 3D printer. One special feature of this game is a chance to fight Crabots in sports competitions. Volleyball, racing, skating - there's a minigame for each sport. Regardless of the competition, young users are going to get various parts to make in their 3D printer. 3D printer parts can be found in minigames as well, which will help to improve concentration.

The features of the game will definitely appeal to the fans as well as new players:
- 8 minigames to choose from
- Create different 3D models
- Bright cartoon characters
- Easy and intuitive controls
- Soft music that creates the atmosphere of the film
- Possibility to disable ads and play without the Internet

Fixies vs Crabots gives a great opportunity for a child to spend some time with their favorite characters and help them defeat Crabots. The player will receive visual and voice tips as they play.
Download Fixies vs Crabots on AppStore and Google Play
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