The game based on the full-length animated film! Defeat Crabots in the competitions!
Crabots have made their way into the secret school of the Fixies! They spy on the Fixies and threaten to reveal their secrets! Who are these mysterious Crabots? What do they want and who is behind all this?
Become the hero of the full-length animated film and find out! Exciting adventures and 8 competitions in which you'll fight Crabots await you in the game!

PLAY volleyball
Get as many points as you can and become a champion!

RIDE the hoverboard
Overcome all the obstacles on your awesome hoverboard! Can you make it faster that the Crabot?

Outrun Crabots and be the first to insert the wire into the socket! Be the fastest!

SHOOT guns
Be the most accurate marksman! Hit all the targets!

RIDE rollercoasters
Get into a cool wagon and be the first at the finish line!

When you win the competitions, you'll receive spare parts that will help you assemble real 3D models in the end! Assemble the coolest one!

Have you seen the Fixies vs Crabots animation film yet? Then hurry up and try the official game! Meet new characters, become one of them and compete with the Fixies on your side!
Speaking of which, the competition's about to start! The Fixies are ready, are you? Help the Fixies with their investigation, win the competitions and defeat Crabots!
Registration for Fixies vs Crabots is open on AppStore and Google Play
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