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Key result:
- Improved concentration and attention, development of fine motor skills.
Playing Looloo Kids: World my child developed fine motor skills and started to become interested in music and animals through fun minigames.
My child often had difficulty with concentration and motor skills.
Looloo Kids: World
Key result:
- The child improved concentration, developed creative and organizational skills. - An interest in cooking and new games has emerged.
Masha and Bear: Pizzeria has completely changed this. My child enjoys making different types of pizza, learning how to combine ingredients and delivering orders.
My child found it difficult to concentrate on one activity, often losing interest very quickly.
Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria
Key result:
- Child overcame fear of doctors and medical procedures and developed empathy and confidence.
The Kid-E-Cats: Doctor game helped my child overcome his fear of doctors. He learned how to treat animals by giving shots and putting drops, which made him more confident and calm when going to the doctor.
My child had difficulty dealing with his fear of doctors and medical procedures. He was often scared when he had to go to doctor's appointments and it caused a lot of stress.
Kid-E-Cats: Doctor
Key result:
- The child developed healthy habits and became more responsible.
Masha and the Bear: My Friends has helped my child learn to follow the daily routine. He is happy to perform morning and evening routines.
My child found it difficult to keep a routine and complete daily tasks. It caused a lot of anxiety.
Masha and the Bear: My Friends
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