What started as a small group of enthusiasts turned into a close-knit team of forty-two people as time passed.
The company's offices can be found in a number of Russian and Ukrainian cities which does not mean we are location dependent — we employ people remotely all around the globe. It is paramount for us to involve the best professionals, those who are not afraid to get in touch with their inner child and unleash their flow of creativity.
We understand that creativity is only possible in comfortable environment, which is why we always encourage initiative and out-of-the-box thinking. Bad or «wrong» ideas are non-existent for us.

We are all for self-education so our employees are regulars at professional conferences, business trips and various skills development courses.

As a bonus, we also celebrate birthdays, organise company parties and supply our team with cookies and coffee (or tea) because glucose is good for the brain :)
want to work with devgame?
If our approach resonates with you, and creating new things in a team of people who love what they do sounds like your dream job, just send us your CV through the feedback form or via the e-mail! Who knows, it might be a new start for us :)
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