Plunge into the world of LooLoo Kids! Play, learn and sing your favourite songs with Johny and his friends! It's more fun together!
LooLoo Kids send their greetings and invite all the kids to learn and play! Johny and his friends know how important it is to spend time usefully and have fun at the same time. Your kid is going to explore the world around us and learn lots of new things. An interesting educational game with the favourite songs of LooLoo Kids guarantees all girls and boys good mood!

LEARN The game will develop dexterity in your kid, as well as improve their memory while getting them acquainted with the world around them. Just like with LooLoo Kids songs, no one will get bored in this game! Learning with LooLoo Kids is fun and easy!

HAVE FUN What can be better than exploring the outer world with songs and games? Johny and his friends are ready to ride down the slide on their sleds, play the guitar and get to know animals. Bright and intuitive game interface is something every kid will like!

LooLoo Kids world is full of fun educational games with the popular kids songs. Download the app, join the LooLoo Kids Club and give your kid unforgettable impressions with Johny and his friends. Educational games for kids have never been so engaging!
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