Choose your favorite character, a car, start the engine and let's go!
The baby games for 2 years old and older in Russian and older is based on the fascinating Kukutiki animated series, which has hit over 1.5 billion views on YouTube! This is a youtube kids paradise!

This fun and sweet game will let the kids get behind the wheel. Your kid will quickly master the steering and controls and simply will not be able to pull away from an exciting journey with the song-singing characters for kids and dance in educational videos!

What do we have to do?
- Help your favorite characters build cars;
- Load all the necessary products into the car, like ice cream, milk, toys...
- Well, that's it, you are now ready to hit the road ... through the fields, through the forests and even through the desert, we will deliver our parcel!
- It's time to unload parcels and go back but do not forget to give them a car wash!
- For each trip you can get a sticker on your car, can you collect all of them?

This is a game for babies from 2 to 5 years old! The interface will be friendly even to the youngest users! Voice acting and songs will tell kids what to do! Download the Kukutiki app for free and watch your children laugh and enjoy themselves!
Download Kukutiki:Car Adventure on App Store and Google Play
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