A lot of incidents happened in Fixies Town! The town needs its heroes! Restore order and save the town with little funny creatures The Fixies. Nolik, SImka, Fire, Verda, Toola, Digit, Papus, Masiya and Grandpus are waiting for all kids!
The game will appeal to anyone who wants to learn something new, loves solving logic puzzles, or simply wants to experiment!

It's safe to say that The Fixies: Town is a comprehensive educational kids' game for 4 to 9 years olds. Players are going to pick the cartoon characters and complete many engaging and educative tasks with them.

"Catching Bugs" is helpful in terms of training attentiveness because players need to catch a whole jar of Bugs; "Electricity leak" will train fine motor skills, and "Vitamins" will definitely help learn to distinguish colors. Parents worried that their kids spend a lot of time playing games will greatly appreciate the fact!

The Fixies: Town is a great opportunity for your kid to have the time of their life with their beloved characters, and help the whole Fixie Town along the way! The player will receive audio and visual tips while completing the tasks.
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