Defeat the Snow Queen and warm the hearts of people in this fantastic runner!


Do you have what it takes to break the charms of the evil Snow Queen? The world is blanketed in ice, Kai is bewitched in the Snow Queen's castle and the Polar Wind is going to freeze everything in the Kingdom! Are you ready to face the challenge, to overcome obstacles and embark on a risky yet noble adventure? So get ready for a journey that will take your breath away!

This fun and addictive running adventure game will entertain you for hours. Run through amazing locations, but don't be deceived by the beauty of the scenery – many dangers are hiding behind it! The North Wind will chase you… Scared? Run faster, jump quicker!

Lots of obstacles await you on your way. Tap the screen to jump up in order to avoid them! That's going to be challenging, but you'll love it!
- Two fantastic locations – Frozen Woods and Flower Garden
- 40 entertaining levels
- Collect coins – they will help you survive
- Jump high, run fast, avoid spikes
- 6 colorful and bright characters to play for

The game is easy to play and both kids and adults will enjoy playing it! Challenge your friends to embark on this mind-blowing adventure and run through the fantastic land!

COMING SOON… The main fight with the Snow Queen is about to start! Stay tuned and see what we've already prepared for you in the nearest update!

Download Snow Queen: Frozen Runner on App Store and Google Play

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