Meow-meow-meow! Kid-E-Cats invite you on an exciting sea adventure! Do you want to go and search for ancient treasures? Lots of challenges await you on your way! Are you ready? Let's set off!
Fantastic journey with the cats on a big ship is waiting for you!
Pick your ship:
The Pirate Ship for the bravest!
The Sweet Ship for the ones with a sweet tooth!
The Coast Guard Ship in case order is your first priority!

The game consists of 7 minigames developed in collaboration with child psychologists and aimed at developing kids' skills in a playful way.
Players will encounter many various tasks: for a start, they'll need to make a crew and prepate the necessary equipment. They will need to overcome all the dangers of the sea and complete all the minigames.

For example, Diving will help to improve concentration since the player needs to find every fish that's hiding on the ocean floor, Whale Photographing is meant to train fine motor skills while Underwater Treasure helps kids to learn to distinguish colors. The parents concerned about the fact that their kids spend too much time playing, will greatly appreciate this. At the end of the journey there will be a special task - find and dig out the treasure on a secret pirates' island.

Well, let's get going, ship casts off now!
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