Kid-E-Cats are wearing white hats, it means that someone needs help! Join new adventures of the cats and help them treat their friends!
Alarm! In the app, kids can become real doctors and discharge their immediate responsibilities of making the other cats healthy and happy! Once received a call from a patient, the player is going to need to get the first aid kit ready and head for the patient's house, dealing with various obstacles on the way.

1. Receive calls from different cats
- they all need to be treated but you choose who will be the first.
2. Pack medicine in your box - take not only meds but also something sweet for your patients.
3. Get to the house of your patient - avoid puddles and trees to get there quickly and don't catch a cold.
4. Do the treatment - use tools and medicine from your box and don't forget to make a sweet tea or milkshake in the end.

Even the youngest players are going to enjoy the animal doctor game. Its simple interface, tips that are always there for you, and various tasks will make the experience interesting, exciting and mysterious! In pet doctor games kids will learn to measure the temperature, prepare a compress, make healthy tea and discover many useful tips for the prevention of various diseases.

This is not only a fun game but a way of education! Download it!
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