Embark on an educative journey with a family of friendly cats and discover the world of colors and music!
Fun cartoon moments, lots of drawing and a huge color palette are waiting for everyone in the games for kids!

The Coloring Book: a drawing game for kids with Kid-E-Cats is suitable for both the youngest users (toddlers) and kids 5-10 years old. Choose different tools and color shades, pick anti-stress coloring sheets if you want.

And the coolest thing about our coloring book is that each color is related to a certain musical instrument. This way, children will constantly listen to how different musical instruments sound(violin, guitar, etc.) and eventually will hear a whole little melody made from the "color sounds" they had used!

This application will not only bring entertainment and joy to children, but will also let them train their drawing skills! There's a huge scope for creativity and the development of imagination!

Our free coloring game for kids will be one of the best applications in the Educational Kids' Games 3+ ! This is not just another kids' free coloring book, but a real developmental tool for kids!
Try all our games and see it for yourself!
We bring peace and relaxation to the mums, and fun with learning - to the kids!
Download the app now and draw as much as you want!
Download Kid-E-Cats: Musical Coloring Book on App Store and Google Play
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