Do you love circus as the three kittens love it? Join their performance, help them prepare tricks and arrange the best show ever!
The free kid game for boys and girls helps to develop spatial thinking and imagination, trains fine motor skills, ability to concentrate and is just fun!

Cookie, Candy and Pudding - the cute animals for kids of the famous cartoon by STS channel - now need your help to set up the best show in circus industry.
But there's going to be nothing easy about that with all the mini-games for each of the kittens.
There are more than five of them in the toddler game, but just to keep you guessing we will only let you in on the two of them:
- Juggling. Once you choose a juggling item you like, you will need to try and catch this item only, getting rid of the others. Like fish bones, for example.
- Jumping through fire rings. You will need to jump over the obstacles on a bicycle and try to jump through all the fire rings as well. Be ready to fix the bicycle whenever it breaks.

The replay value of the Kid-E-Cats: Circus Show lies in the various tasks, levels and challenges. The succulent graphics with thoroughly detailed locations guarantee undying interest for the kids games 6+.
The fields on both sides of the railroad, the deep woods, the cozy living-room - each and every element has been made with an eye for detail, and the soundtrack will not leave anyone bored.

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