Maria Way: Blogger Simulator

Maria Way: Blogger Simulator

Tuber simulator games for girls here! Finally! Want to know how to become a blogger? This life simulation games will show with a click! Try Maria Way virtual life games! ???

You are the next Internet sensation! ? Ready for it? After all Pewdiepie, Maria Way and others it will be you!
Create your own vlog in this clicker simulator and earn ? at ease in clicker youtube games! Try a youtubers life for free!
Shoot viral video about youtube life – in a game click on the screen as fast as possible to finish the viral video quickly. It’s life simulator games and you will try yourself in blogger life.

Hey ??‍♀️ my name is Maria Way and I will advise you on your vlog to make it popular in your youtube life! Let’s do the vlogging together!
I have 4 million followers and I’m aware of what to do to become a star in this game click:
? Choose topics and film videos in clicker youtube games. Produce videos about cats, food, humor, sport, etc. Make a hundred of clicks and it will be ready! More videos about blogger life – more followers and money, it’s obvious in life simulator games.
? Earn money in game on your videoblog and upgrade your video studio to make your personal blog more and more popular! Your video studio should be the best!
? Manage your personal blog channel and choose the most trending topics for your videoblog, I will help you with that – we will do the vlogging together.
? Don’t forget to dress up – followers like fashionable vloggers!
? Have fun with the process and spend your money on cool stuff!

New stuff will be added quite often – furniture, video equipment, clothes and other. ????️?
With your money you will upgrade your equipment from simple computers to newest laptops and cameras. Follow the fashion and get the best clothes – your appearance on camera has a huge impact on followers.
Use my tips to be popular and have fun!
OK, all right, now that’s a wrap! Pirates of the Carribean, funny filters, Leonardo di Caprio, last-year’s console and comfy armchairs! What else could a world famous vlogger possibly want?
Try a youtubers life for free! ??

* Want to become the clicker heroes? AWESOME competitions and prizes await you! More info in game.

? Follow the game on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/youtube_sim/

If you’re a true vlogger then go viral with Maria Way! Let’s do some fun! Action!

Maria Way: Blogger SimulatorMaria Way: Blogger Simulator

Maria Way: Blogger Simulator! Blogger Tapps Games