Sleepy Toys: Bedtime Stories

Sleepy Toys

It’s been a long day with lots of games and fun. Now it’s time to say everyone “Good night!”… We know how challenging it can be to get your baby go to bed. But we also know how to make it easy and comfortable for you and your little ones!

“Sleepy Toys” is your best choice when it comes to helping your kid get to sleep. This is not just a bedtime story. This is a real interactive lullaby.


*** Tuck your toys into bed.

Bunny and Teddy will play with you again in the morning… and you all just rest.

*** It’s time for your lullaby.

Listen to the calm relaxing melody throughout the whole story.

*** Yawning already? Yep, cutie, it’s time to see some magic dreams!

The game features:

  • Soothing pleasant music throughout the game
  • Heart-meltingly adorable toys
  • Cute sleepy sounds that will help kids relax

With the “Sleepy Toys” app the pillow will become more comfortable, the blanket will be even softer and the bed will get so cozy that you’ll fall asleep right away!


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Sleepy ToysSleepy Toys

Sleepy Toys: Bedtime Stories