Fixies Shop


Fun shopping game for toddlers! Let's buy some tools!Get ready for some shopping!
The Fixies love inventing things and they need a lot of tools. Will you help them and buy some in the supermarket?
This is a funny game for all children and also a great way of learning motor skills, how to be attentive and how to count.

In the beginning of the game you will get a shopping list with different tools you need to buy. The task is simple – grab tools from the shelves and put them into the shopping cart. If you took an extra tool, don’t worry, you can put it back on the shelf!
If you are sure where the certain tool is, speed up the cart and find it faster!
As soon as the cart is full with all tolls from the shopping list, you will go to the cash register and pay for your purchases. Be careful, count attentively to pay no extra money 🙂

The game is so user-friendly that even the smallest kids will be able to play on their own! Interface is colorful and beautiful with funny characters! Joy for kids – rest for parents!

Fixies ShopFixies Shop

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