Fixies Fly

Фикси ФлайThe train is broken! Explore this endless runner and collect enough gold to fix it!
Ready for a cool flight? Grab a fixieboard and go!
Flying will pay off – you’ll be able to fix the train with the collected coins and diamonds.

– Fly through the train and be afraid of obstacles!
– Set high cores every day and compete with friends!
– Grab coins and boosts on the go to make your flight more exciting!
– Fix breakages and upgrade your flight!
– There are 6 Fixies you can fly for: Nolik, Simka, Fire, Verda, Digit or Toola. Each has unique superpowers!
– Crack the vaults to earn secret loot and prizes!

The game is interesting for all ages and mostly for kids! There is an easy level even for the smallest ones so they will learn how to fly a fixieboard and how to use bonuses. What’s for experienced players, there are complex maps and unexpected turns!

The Fixies are ready, fixieboards are steady, what about you?
Ready, steady, go!

Fixies FlyFixies Fly

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