KID-E-CATS: PICNICKid-e-cats are going on a picnic! Take some food, choose friends to go with you, feed everyone and enjoy the cosy evening by the fire.

Members of a cats’ family from a popular Russian cartoon “Kid-e-cats” are going out of town. They want to make a picnic and are looking for a company to go! Help them take some food to the forest: Mother Cat knows what food her family really like, follow her instructions to pick up correct food. Choose cartoon’s members to invite with you. You can pick different characters each time you go. Avoid obstacles on your way to the forest. Lay the table on the spot, catch fish, collect berries or mushrooms and feed every member of the cats’ family!

The game is sipmle and colorful, so that even the youngest ones will cope with interesting missions and games. Download the game and find adventures with three cats!



Video about KID-E-CATS: PICNIC

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